2021 in Pisticci…motivated by wine….

I could have gone to the doctor’s to get my prescription on Thursday but when I looked at my wine container , it came to me that perhaps today was a better day to go.

As I am attempting to mostly stay home then going to the farmacia could be combined with buying more wine.

And so it happened.

It was lovely to be out and there weren’t many people in front of me in the doctor’s waiting room. I spent a few minutes talking about a small commission I will do soon for fun and I think I found out one of the reasons for the surge in cases of the virus recently.

It was good to get some exercise strolling up the hill. I thought I may as well stock up on toothpaste and paracetamols in the farmacia and had another small chat about painting and where I came from.

Then I headed to the little delicatessen where I buy wine. ( some day if I am ever rich I am going to surprise the owner by buying lots of lovely things) But today I bought only wine.

It was a beautiful evening to stroll back down the hill and I took some photos relating to my next commission.

And now the stove is lit , jazz is playing and my wine glass is half empty.

I have a lovely bit of home made cake in the fridge given to me by a kind lady who came visiting.

And my commission with the crowd scene is looking very respectable.


I wasn’t happy with the colour version of this so tried black and white and loved it.
It not only looks delicious but smells lovely.

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