2021 in Pisticci…..scary, stressy stuff….

It doesn’t  take very much to scare me. A bill in the letterbox, a visit to the comune,  a new commission, and hundreds of other things. In fact I think that’s  why I am” happy” a lot….it might simply be relief …or maybe the absence of fear. Am not complaining  as it’s mostly just an irritation and I still do stuff. Though I do wonder how it must be to feel confident.  I have worked up to ” composed” and that will  have to do.

This week there has been more scary stuff than normal.

It is the first time in this pandemic that there have been over 10 cases of the virus in Pisticci. I think there may be as many as 40 current cases. It is difficult to find out. That doesn’t seem a lot maybe , but it’s not a big place. It was reported on local TV tonight .

Lack of information is part of the problem . That’s why I am happiest staying home.

Small break here while I rush outside and photograph a lovely pink sky.

Then this week I was working on a painting with a deadline and a subject I find difficult. I think it’s okay ,but I have been up before 6am every day this week to make sure I have enough time to finish it successfully.

Then there was a portrait that I just couldn’t get right. ( finally it seems I have.)

Now I have 3 more commissions which should be done by next weekend.

And I need to plan a mural for after that.

I need to sit outside in my little garden and chill I think. It probably matters more at this time when a social life is non existent and the future is uncertain.

Had another chat with the little cat ,but it is very good at social distancing and never forgets.

I think I might have the weekend off…. except when there is nowhere to go, no one to see and nothing to do…that may require a little bit of imagination……

Unusual pink clouds tonight
Can only get this close using the zoom on my phone.

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