2021 in Pisticci…hurray it’s weekend…

Am sitting here tonight relatively exhausted….Am wearing a scarf and a heavy Norwegian cardigan over the top of my ordinary clothes as I didn’t light the stove until recently and it’s quite cold in here.

If I had the energy I’d feel like a success.

Every morning this week my alarm went off at 5.30am and I was downstairs before 6am.

I edited my diary / book/ thingy every morning for about an hour. The commission ,which was one of the most complicated ones I have done is completed and paid for. And my next commission is coming along nicely.

I would like to write about all the funny things that happened only I am too tired.

And to see the funny side of things requires energy.

At least I have my trusty wooden ladder back home so now I can safely reach my summer clothes if I feel like trying to convert them into something a little more interesting.

I carried it all the way back from the middle of town and despite not wearing my glasses , managed to not bang into anything.

Someone said there were now about 70 cases of the virus in Pisticci. And it looks like the vaccine is going very slowly . I am hoping that by the time it’s my turn they will be using the one that only needs one injection.

I didn’t have any photos of anything today so I am posting 2 of paintings I did which I really like….but no one else does.

Now to make the weekend different from the week ……….🍷🍷

I love the colours in this.

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