2021 in Pisticci…I think we are going to be orange next week…..

I wasn’t expecting that ,but am very glad to hear it. Being in a red zone when I don’t really know what is happening is a little scary. However orange is how it was at Christmas, which was quite restricted , but didn’t feel too bad. . Also it feels, however unrealistically that maybe things are finally getting better.

Today I was thinking that I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to anything. ( I think I am good at living day to day and enjoying lots of things as they happen.)

I was cleaning my teeth at the time and realised that I now thought I was past looking nice, was never ever wearing a bikini again or wearing a sleeveless top and there was no point in wearing nice clothes .

I am a bit critical of myself it’s true , but I think this year being constantly hidden behind a mask and often blundering around without glasses , not counting the weird effect that not seeing properly seems to affect my hearing and consequently my understanding.

Yesterday having delivered 2 paintings , but not understood a lot of what was being said and while trying to see out of my steamed up glasses I remember telling myself , “well maybe people will think I am a bit simple….,but there are worse things. “

I think it was brexit that did for me. Up until then I had some vague plans.

However ,not wishing to sound like a right old moan, I had a very nice day today.

It felt like the weekend. ( even though I woke up at 4am)

I have enjoyed painting today. I wasn’t in a rush and I kept the stove going so I was nice and warm. The audiobook I am listening to is perfect for painting along with and the time passed very pleasantly. I was painting lots of little details ,which I quite like when I am not in a hurry. Strangely enough I am more or less finished now. I will have one last check tomorrow and then that will be it.

I went shopping this afternoon with my document in my pocket and enjoyed the walk there and back . It was nice to be out. I bought more carrots as they are my new favourite food.

Maybe tomorrow it will be warmer and I could sit outside for a while. I’m planning on dyeing my hair so I mustn’t have entirely given up on myself.

I am looking forward to something ………summer and being warm, having the door open all day and walking barefoot on the tiles.

Wine time now……cheers. 🍷🍷

This is the scene I have been painting all day.
This is my second version of this painting slightly adapted from rectangular to square canvas.

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