2021 in Pisticci ….more fun needed….

An artist on instagram ( couldn’t find him again to say who it was) said something along the lines of ,paintings are better when you are enjoying them. When you tell yourself this is going to be fun. So this week my plan is to have a lot of fun.

I already try and find a new challenge in everything I do or it would be boring ,but having fun would be even better.

I suppose having fun might presuppose that the painting will work out in the end.

I have one biggish, 2 medium, one small painting and a plan to complete this week. I could potentially have a lot of fun……..

I have written “fun” quite often so far. It’s a word I use a lot. To me it means enjoying something…..could be doing almost anything ,while feeling light hearted.

That should be enough to be going on with for this week.

I made another canvas today and now I am getting picky and trying to get the staples in a straight line. I have also realised that having a small rug to kneel on while I am sawing is much nicer and warmer than cold tiles. I am very pleased that I can make canvases of most sizes now so don’t need to order them online or hope they are in stock in Marconia.

There has been a cold wind today. Great for drying clothes but not for sitting on the doorstep.

It’s nice to be warm inside with a glass of wine and the prospect of carrot chips later….🍷🍷🥕🥕🥕

Pretty sky again.
Couldn’t sleep last night but was amused by the curvaceous lady shadow on the ceiling.
Ready to make another stretched canvas.

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