2021 in Pisticci….a little bit of fun……

Today I tried to make painting and life in general fun. ( fun-= doing something in a light hearted manner.)

Am not sure I managed but I tried.

Yesterday I spent half an hour feeling sorry for myself and felt much better for it. When we were little , and probably even now, feeling sorry for yourself was not something to be proud of. Being tough was rewarded. Being sad wasn’t. I only learned in the last few years that feeling sorry for myself now and again was helpful.

I think it’s like, if someone says “hey, you are doing really well in difficult circumstances” it’s a boost .In my opinion it’s easier to get on with life if you feel like a bit of a hero, at least to yourself.

But there are times when only I know how bad things are. Pretending things aren’t really that bad works for a while but usually leads to me telling myself that I am pretty pathetic and even if I am it’s not useful.

So a half hour of feeling sorry for myself reminds me that I am doing okay.

Anyways enough introspection.

Today I was pretty busy. Did an hour’s editing, drew 3 sketches for my next portraits, ( one of them twice) , plus made a plan for a mural, and am well on with my next landscape on my new home made canvas.

It has been very windy, so I rescued my plastic chair from outside my neighbours house. That is about 20metres from where it was tucked underneath the table. Then the wind blew right down my chimney and the panel across my fireplace fell down with a big bang. It’s jammed in place now with my sweeping brush.

It must’ve been a north wind as I have had the stove on all day.

There are 7 cases of the virus in the local area today. And a ” supernonna ” from Pisticci is 104 today. That makes me feel quite young really.

Now it’s wine time . More fun tomorrow hopefully……..


Bit grey over Pisticci…..
This little house is really photogenic

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