2021 in pisticci…..more fun……

It would have been more fun if I hadn’t been woken up about 1am. by 2 loud bangs as if something heavy had fallen down in the other part of my house . I got up to see what had happened ,but I couldn’t see anything different and I looked outside as well ,but everything seemed normal. I still don’t know what it was.

Today 2 large cardboard boxes full of something dropped down from the apartment above and landed just outside my door. It was a noise quite like that..

I couldn’t get back to sleep as I was sort of listening. …..the sound had seemed as if it was in my house.

Today I have covered quite a lot of canvas, but tomorrow I need to actually paint details . I suppose it was progress of sorts.

However I am at least finished one commission and have worked on all the others.

I’ve told myself that tomorrow I will go out for a walk. ( I need wine.)

I made some wholemeal scones . I thought that homemade peanut butter would go very nicely with them.

It looks like it will be relatively cold for the rest of the week and will rain all weekend with storms on Monday. Am trying to think of something nice to do on a rainy weekend ….other than just paint.

Am pleased with my painting of mist in the valley. I didn’t know if I could paint mist ..but it seems I can.

Wine time.🍷🍷 probably followed by carrot chips…….and I have found a new detective series on youtube 😀

Still no success in getting friendlier.
Cosy inside….

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