2021 in Pisticci…” u mar a mont”

That is I think the expression used to describe the mist in the valley in Pisticci.

This was the view from my street on a misty morning.

I love that there is a word , or words to describe it.

I really enjoyed painting this.

Today I spent most of the day painting people and a dog.

It had been another exhausting night when my bed folded up by itself. It’s more or less a camp bed and I think I moved it too far when I was making it in the morning so eventually about 2am the legs folded in at one end. Then I dreamed that an enormous tree fell down and blocked the whole of my street after which I had to hide a lot of people from the secret police.

It was a relief to get up this morning.

I finally made myself go out for a short walk. I thought I’d take some photos of flowers…but there were only a few. I suppose it’s still a bit early. On the way back I saw the little cat. I stopped to tell it how nice and warm it was in my house and how there was a little rug in front of the stove where it could curl up and sleep. As usual it just looked at me and then walked off.

Now I am nice and cosy , without a cat….but with a glass of wine.


There are some purple flowers if you look closely.
At least my garden has a lot of flowers 🌻🌺

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