2021 in Pisticci….dreams with drones…

I think dreams are fascinating. Often I am proud of my unconscious and how it connects things in weird , wonderful and curiosly logical ways. Last night in between not sleeping and worrying I dreamt that I was looking after a baby and it was in danger, however I had 2 friends who were protecting it. One of them had a drone which was circling round its head and watching out for the “baddies”.

As far as I remember from the studying I did on dreams that could maybe mean that I felt something small and vulnerable was under attack and I was making sure it was protected.

Or it could just be that I have been “droning “on about my little bit of confidence being picked at.

I was most annoyed with myself for waking up just after midnight and immediately starting to worry about writing a letter, closely followed by what I was going to use to draw my next mural. Eventually around 2am I got up, heated up a scone and spread a cheese triangle on it and came back to bed. Picked up my diary and wrote in it the 2 things I was worried about. Then turned the electric blanket up to high and opened my Miss Read book. Was asleep in about ten minutes.

It has been a very, dull, wet, cold day when my stove has barely kept the room warm.

I wrote the letter which had been worrying me and printed out the reference photos I need for the mural and packed my bag with paint etc.

Apart from a nice video call with my sister, nothing much else happened.

Just a rainy Sunday……

Now thanks to a twitter friend I am watching another new detective series on YouTube.

Cheers 🍷🍷


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