2021 in Pisticci. Preparing for summer…

Went out and bought nine 3m strips of wood and two packs of staples this morning. During which I managed to almost please my phone step counter which if it had a face would normally be showing a sort of ” dear me” face. Today I think it had its hopeful face on…..

Its a little scary carrying something as long as that so I avoid the main streets as much as possible and am very careful going round corners not to poke someone coming towards me or whack someone behind.

It feels good that I can now make a lot of canvases.

I was going to use up a lot of canvas offcuts this afternoon, but only managed one as it was much more interesting to have a 2 hour chat with my daughter in Scotland whom I haven’t seen since the beginning of January 2020 and don’t know when I will see this year.

Tomorrow the weather is to start getting better and so I should be starting a mural in the country. If I get it all drawn out tomorrow I will be happy. I have a fairly detailed plan but the reality is not always the same.

Painting outside in the sunshine should be fun. I am just working in the mornings.

My bag has been packed since Sunday. I’m as prepared as possible.

Now it’s wine time, and a nice relaxing evening would be good.


Prepared to make a new canvas. The rug is essential to sit on as the floor is freezing .
Small canvas made from offcuts of wood and canvas.
This mountain was very obvious today.

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