2021 in Pisticci….cake and lemons and other yellow things…..

I wasn’t  going to buy myself a cake for Easter . But a kind person has given me one. Now I feel all celebratory. I have a proper Italian Colomba. Yumm!!

And I have lemons and what look like grapefruits and an enormous lemony thing which I am not sure what to do with.I think maybe you grate the skin.  I could paint it I suppose. But maybe this weekend when we are all in red zone again I could make things with lemons.

In between eating cake.

Last year when we were in lockdown proper I painted hard boiled eggs.

Today I started work at 7am . It was both a good and bad idea.

Bad, because I got up at what would have been 4am last week. I felt like a zombie.

Good ,because I was able to see the colour I was painting. I was painting pink clouds and by lunch time they were almost invisible again. It is an interesting quandary. Half of the wall I am painting on is in full sun and the other half is always in shade.

However it is coming along. I would be painting it in a different order if it wasn’t so hot.

But am starting at 8am tomorrow.

Apart from making enough food for 4 days I just lay on my bed with a book this afternoon

I am reading something by Patti Smith. After only ever reading mysteries on kindle unlimited it makes a nice change.

Then as I was lucky enough to find the doctor still in the surgery when I was dropped off at lunch time I’ve been to get my pills.( Important note to self. Do not let pills run out and take 2 of the other type and cross your fingers.)

I also needed to buy more white paint . Am using white water based paint to mix with my acrylic paint and was almost run out.

I am tired now , but relieved that I have the pills and paint.

A glass of wine and something on youtube should keep me going for an hour or two now.

Made the most of Monday.

Lemony things….
Cake !!

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