2021in Pisticci….hot and cold

This is my second effort today. Am in a ” faffy” mood and can’t make up my mind what I want to say.

So a nice safe subject is the contrast between hot and cold at this time of year.

I’ve been in the country for four mornings now and every time I have been so hot that I’ve been wearing a hat and a tee shirt and eventually having to go to the shady end of the wall and paint there. The paint has been drying almost immediately it goes on the surface. It is both wonderful to be so warm and disconcerting when I get a bit overheated.

However when I come home and into my house I am cold . It’s such a contrast. I’ve been going to bed to keep warm as I can’t quite bring myself to light the stove when outside it’s much warmer.

Now that it’s after 5pm I’ve lit the stove and am wearing my usual 2 jumpers and have an enormous thick Norwegian cardigan with a hood on top.

It feels impossible that I was so hot this morning.

Anyways, it’s wine time and I am tired.

Am pleased with how my painting is going and that I will have time to finish it properly.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

This morning…waiting in the piazza.
A small part of a work in progress. The shady part.
A painting I did of my doorway 11 years ago. ( courtesy of Facebook memories.)

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