2021 in Pisticci….feels like a painting holiday in the country…

It was a bit stressful to begin with as usual , but since then mural painting in the country has become mostly a pleasure. It has been , and is, challenging, as although I have painted all the subjects in it before I am having to invent how to put them together, change colours and work on an uneven surface while the sun dries the paint sometimes before I can blend it and the paint in my plastic carrot container palettes dries out in an hour if I don’t cover it.

But it is exciting , and since I painted the calanche today everything is mostly in place. From now on it should be more about details rather than wondering if it will all fit together.

I don’t know how big it actually is as I never measured it. The sketch I did has changed a little….for the better and been adjusted to fit.

I think I paint in an experimental manner which is scary to watch….,though usually no one is watching. I am getting better at planning ,but nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

I start by sketching out roughly where everything is to go and then adjust from there. I need to see something to fix it.

I am very lucky to have clients who have trusted me , even when I wasn’t exactly inspiring confidence.

Today it felt like we were creating something magical .

I think I have reached the stage where the painting tells me what it needs and I can work accordingly.

It will take more time than I thought , but I want to finish it properly and that’s okay.

Making it feel like a holiday is being picked up and dropped off every day, lots of biscuits, coffee if I want it, cuddly cats, and lots and lots of encouragement. ( and an Easter cake.)

Fresh air, spring flowers, and lovely surroundings……it is a holiday!!!


Calanche….I should have moved the steps.
Outside tonight…..the hills look almost black.
Inside tonight.

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