2021 in Pisticci….blogging from the doorstep.

It’s  after 5pm and still warm enough to sit here. I have a perfectly good chair and table outside , but it seems I am more of a cushion on the doorstep type of person.

I like being surrounded by plants and hidden from view. My glass of wine is perched happily on stone James. ( my glasses are sitting on stone Anne.)

I’ve moved my brightly coloured seats and flowerpots so that they are opposite me. Its very cheerful. If I look over the rosebush and lavender I can see the little old house and beyond that the hills. The mountains are out of sight.

I am in shadow but the house at the end of the street is lit up by the sun.

I can hear someone up the street but the plants are so thick I can’t see through them .They must have been washing something outside as there is a little river of soapy water passing me now.

The bells up at the church are ringing loudly. If this was a normal year then all the churches would be decorated inside and open to go and visit. I would probably have gone. The little churches look very pretty. One ,up on the hill couldn’t hold more than 20 people. I can’t remember how many churches there are in Pisticci. I can think of at least 7.

This morning I was mural painting again. It is going to take me at least another 3 mornings to finish it, but it looks lovely so far and I am looking forward to finishing it. It was so hot this morning that I had to leave the hot end and go paint cactus in the shade. I feel very arty with my jeans, stripey tee- shirt and straw hat. I’m enjoying being out in the countryside and in the company of other people even if they are busy gardening and trimming olive trees. It sounds idyllic and it mostly is. I am very lucky.

Now I have 4 days off for Easter. I’ve worked 6 days with Sunday off so I’m happy to have a break. I was hoping to have finished today ,but am more than happy to be given time to finish properly next week.

Am not sure how I’ll spend the 4 days, but I’ve begun by looking out my stripey dungarees and put them on. It’s morale boosting to wear something different. And eventually the paint will wash off my hands and hair.

Tonight I think there is a new scandinavian crime series on YouTube to watch…..and I’d better have more carrot oven chips as I am running out of the plastic trays they come in, to use as palettes.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

My doorstep tonight.
The worker returns……

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