2021 in Pisticci…..lots of stuff today….

There are days when nothing much happens and then there’s today.

It started at 6.30am when I started writing and today I wrote for 2 hours. Have never done that before and I now have a vague plan for something that will bring everything together.

After breakfast and coffee on the doorstep I started work on my portraits again. Everything is going okay in a random fashion.

Around half past ten I remembered that I had to go and see if the message I had sent the doctor had resulted in my prescriptions arriving in the farmacia.

I am delighted to say that they were there. I am so pleased about this. It’s just another way I can take better care of myself.

Next thing was a phone call from the delivery man saying he would be arriving round the corner ” subito”.He says I should put his number on my list so that I know it’s him. That was my new 10metre roll of canvas delivered.

More portrait painting in the afternoon and now all 4 faces are close to finished and one hand is almost done.

For no particular reason I then painted the other end of my rug and touched up the black part of my fake vintage cooker.

And finally I went to meet my friend and we set off on a small photographic expedition in the country so I could have some new photos to use as reference for spring in Basilicata.

That was very successful and fun and so was drinking wine on her roof terrace and chatting afterwards.

What a very full day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Country view
Doorstep view this morning.

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