2021 in Pisticci…who cares about politics….Basilicata will be yellow again.

The timing is great..I have been putting off writing this for the last hour as the politics in the UK and particularly in Scotland are making me feel a bit sick and apprehensive.

Even though I am living in Italy my family are all in Scotland. I want them to have good lives and live in a free country where people look after each other and are free to chose their own government. I would like to thank Nicola Sturgeon for looking after them during this pandemic and for being truthful and straightforward and amazingly polite. Thank goodness for Janey Godley too, who wasn’t restricted by having to be polite .

I didn’t have much interest in politics until brexit directly affected me. To say nothing of the changes in pension laws.

Now all I know is if I was in the UK I would want the person running the country to have integrity and tell the truth.

I don’t understand Italian politics….who does…but at the beginning of the pandemic it seemed to me that prime minister Conte put people’s lives before money and I was good with staying home to protect the old people. I have no idea what is happening now.

Anyways after a day spent feeling a bit unwell ( physically) to discover that we will be yellow from the 10th of May is wonderful news.

We will be able to meet friends for coffee again and pizza and lots of other things …some events might happen. I haven’t read all the list. It just feels wonderful.

Like summer is on again!!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃

Still working on the portraits. Today I painted the background and a balcony at the front. It’s progress even if it’s slow. I downloaded all my photos off my camera which I took yesterday and now I can’t find them. Drat!!

I went shopping wearing my new home made mask and my glasses didn’t steam up. Brilliant.!

I can’t believe how good I feel about being yellow again.


Looks like a nice evening.

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