2021 in Pisticci…..more portrait painting…

Today was more or less entirely filled with portrait painting.

Now 2 faces are more or less done, all the hands and arms have been painted a skin colour….so now I have a base to work from. ( SHUDDER…….8 hands……)

It has been quite pleasant so far , as the good bit about painting 4 people at once is that I can go back and forward and do a bit of this and that. I painted part of a sparkly dress today. Am very pleased with the effect. And I have been working on long curly hair. And a shirt.

My plan for tomorrow is to more or less finish the other 2 faces. And maybe paint a couple of hands.

Then I have something exciting planned for tomorrow afternoon. The idea is to go for a small round trip in the country with a friend and take photos of the countryside in spring.

If I had a scooter I would have been already ,but this a good plan B.

I think I might even charge up my good camera so I can get some long distance shots.

I still haven’t been for a walk by myself in the calanche nearby. I should go soon before it gets too hot.

Now am looking forward to wine and some new series on YouTube.


Got the stove on tonight.
Looks like rain…

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