2021 in Pisticci….now where did I hide Henry?

I am not very fond of housework. ( or very good at it.) I used to believe that cobwebs softened the corners of my room and if I can’t see dirt then I don’t worry about it. I hardly ever turn the light on in the room off the living room where the fridge and dresser live.

So when I do housework it feels like a big deal.

Today I decided to have a day off painting and do a little organising .

I now have a working bedside light beside my bed in the gallery and the fan is ready to plug in. There is a rug beside the bed and all the bags of pellets are now hidden in beside the stairs. I have 11 full bags left over so that means I used 60 this winter. ( about €300 )

I moved my old antique cupboard along beside the wardrobe and made a hiding place for Henry the hoover. Hopefully next time I consider hoovering I will remember where I put him.

I even washed the floor today. And I have plans for a lot of laundry tomorrow.

My house smells of honey or beeswax because I dusted as well.

It has been quite a relaxing day . I like being in my house when its relatively clean and tidy. It helps that the door has been open all day and the sun shining in.

It occurs to me that I forgot about the shower room and the cooker…but nobody is perfect.

All day I have been checking the scottish election results. Apparently so far the SNP have had more votes cast for them than ever before. And they haven’t lost any seats , but gained 3.

Depending on where the info comes from it is possible to believe that they are not doing very well.

Am glad it’s wine time now. And Sunday tomorrow and then yellow zone on Monday. Have already organised a coffee in town on Tuesday.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Henry is not in a cupboard..
Ready to sleep downstairs any time
This is looking good.

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