2021 in Pisticci..more portrait painting ….

And phone calls. Catching up after a year and a half takes a while and so does family stuff.

In between this I am carrying on with this seemingly never ending portrait. It’s been about 10 days. As it’s 4 people and includes 8 hands then I suppose two days each plus a drawing day isn’t so bad.

Today I was supposed to be working on the hands. Instead I decided to do 4 sets of teeth. And quite a few adjustments . Then I did start the hands ,but I will need to get up and get going on them tomorrow. I think I could finish them in a day if I tried.

Then I think I want to do some tablet paintings from life. Maybe of parts of my little garden. It is looking so pretty right now.

I am inspired by David Hockneys latest paintings.

I would also like to paint with acrylics more like I do with an app on my tablet. Am not sure that is possible.

There are lots of things I want to do .I think I am waking up after the winter .

But first I need to paint 7 hands.

Thank goodness for wine time .


Mixture of real and painted flowers.
Looks like there will be strawberries soon.

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