2021 in Pisticci..Will it ever open…..

The comune is still closed except by appointment. Which means making a phone call to someone I don’t know and asking for appointment with someone who’s name I don’t know and who works in an office which is probably called something I don’t know either. My enthusiasm to go there is minimal. So after discovering that it was still closed I have decided to try again next week. Or maybe a small miracle will happen and my water bill will arrive in the post. It is entirely possible that even if I did get an appointment it wouldn’t change anything.

So not going to think about it till next week.

I did 2 other difficult things today which aren’t really difficult ,but I find them a little scary. I paid my electric bill online with PayPal.

Then I paid off my credit card, all €25 , phew!!

However my trip to the comune wasn’t wasted as I got another commission on the way which I plan to start on Monday and involves absolutely no hands.😀😀😀

And I was shown some lovely embroidery done by the lady in the little shop nearby and given some sweeties to perk me up.

Once back home I thought I might try to disguise my bed as having it in my gallery still feels a bit strange. I pottered about with net curtains , a curtain pole and some wire. After one painting fell off the wall by itself and I knocked another one off I gave up . I’ve now tried to make it look vaguely like a day bed/sofa.

After lunch the sweeties must’ve been working and I marched off to the supermarket. I trudged home as I over estimated how much I could carry in my rucksack. I should definitely go more often and carry less. It’s no fun puffing up a hill and wearing a mask..

I considered drawing something on my tablet but thought I would go for a small walk and take photos instead. It is very windy so it would have been almost impossible to draw.

That was very pleasant. I like windy days and love how the trees look when they ripple and bend over.

I saw the little sheep and called to it. Then looked around to make sure no one saw me talking to a sheep. It heard me though and stood looking at me.

Having watered the flowers am glad to be sitting down with wine and music. The door is shut tonight as the wind is cold. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. I really need to stop waking at 4am . Now feels like 7pm and it’s only just 5pm.


My new friend ,the sheep.
I should go back and paint this.
Or this…….

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