2021 in Pisticci….painting and some very bad sewing.

Today started dull and cold and a bit depressing. I may have moved into my summer bedroom a little too soon . I woke up chilly again.

I thought I would rather miserably have breakfast on my doorstep even though it was cold and had been raining. However as the little cat decided to join me….at a distance….the perfect pandemic cat… I had a brief conversation with it and offered it some of my toast and cream cheese which it refused politely , then just sat there cleaning itself before it wandered off. That was quite cheering.

Next I looked on twitter and felt sad that Boris Johnson has done it again and let the Indian virus in to the UK. It reminded me how I felt at the beginning of the pandemic when Italy was suffering and doctors here were telling the UK to lockdown now so that the same didn’t happen there.

Apparently Australia immediately stopped flights from India.

I never knew what was so wrong with Jeremy Corbyn ,but whatever it was I wonder if thousands of lives might have been saved if he had been in charge. Who knows….

To distract myself from politics I got started on my next little painting and apart from a phone call and a short lunch break I worked at it until about 3.30pm and then returned to it several times to fix things.

After that I made “things” to protect the arms of my armchairs. Realistically it’s a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted as the arms were already a bit worn.

That was where the bad sewing was involved. I fondly imagine that no one is going to look at my stitches and throw up their hands in horror at my lack of sewing ability…..and I probably wouldn’t ever invite anyone like that into my home. And let’s face it with this virus still floating around the chances of anyone being in my home are small.

That was quite a nice justification for pure idleness on my part. I could have done it “properly” with teeny tiny stitches and hems all the same size and folded in nicely, but I couldn’t be bothered.

I think they look lovely as long as you don’t look too close and they do the job perfectly.

I used the remainder of an old yellow velvet curtain. The rest of the curtain is hanging across the doorway between the 2 parts of my house. So I am coordinated. I took the curtain hooks off at least.

It looks like it might rain now but tomorrow it should be sunny all day. I have the third small painting to do which should fill my time nicely and mean that I have a reasonable amount of stock for summer.

Now it’s wine time and I need to find something to entertain me on youtube.


More terrevecchia …
My new hand sewn armchair thingies..

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