2021 in Pisticci…..lit the stove….

It’s  warmer outside than inside again and I am a bit chilled after a day sitting painting.

Soon I will have the door open all day and be barefoot . Jeans will be too warm so my baggy harem pants will be needed and a vest top. Or maybe my starry dress…or even shorts if I ever get round to using my fake tan. But not today.

Today’s  little painting went quite well and I found more interesting parts than I had previously seen. I am enjoying painting this size (30×25cms) as it doesn’t  take more than about 6 hours if I include the drawing. It suits me to finish something in a day. I think I will charge €30 each. That would make me feel quite well paid. Though no doubt I will be offered half that by some people.

Prices are a bit depressing here.

However as I get to live in a lovely part of the world where the sun shines a lot and wine is cheap : where I get to paint for a living and do loads of interesting things it’s not so bad.

This last year and a half there has been very little to do other than paint. I’d like to think that I have learned lots. The best thing about painting is always finding something new. It’s exciting.

Trying to paint sunshine is fun. And now I am consciously looking at the higgeldy piggeldyness of the buildings here and enjoying the way they almost fall over each other.

I would like to try painting more portraits how I like them. With more emphasis on design and colour and less on making people look younger and prettier. Though it is quite satisfying to take 20 years of someone’s age in 5 mins with just a few brush strokes.

Tomorrow I should start another commission. I am quite looking forward to that.

It’s been a very satisfactory weekend. 3 paintings completed since Friday. And all respectable.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

Today’s painting
Warmer outside, but windy.

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