2021 in Pisticci…photo walk

This is where I take reference photos which might be suitable to paint.

This morning I dressed up for the occasion .

There is so much to photograph. But the first photo I took wasn’t for painting.

Two little lambs.

This was quite near my house. At the bottom of the pink brick road.

Half way up the road.

There are so many wildflowers .

So many photo opportunities.

I was beginning to think that I could just paint the countryside, but as I was by now at the top of the hill I carried on to look for little interesting scenes with sunlight and shadows. It was about 9.30am

All cars will be removed.
And bins
And perhaps flowers might be added. Think I will paint the birds in this one.

I think I must’ve taken 30 or more photos so getting about 10 which I could paint is good going.

I’ve now drawn 4 of them onto my new home made canvases.

That will give me enough to do this week .

I have another local commission and possibly a portrait commission in the offing.

That was fun, putting the photos in among the text instead of at the end.

Now for wine and Rebus on youtube .

Cheers 🍷🍷

Today’s arty outfit. Clothes do make a difference to how I feel.

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