2021 in Pisticci….maybe I kept the best house…..

I think that is the first time I’ve thought that. I went to close the door and looked out towards the hills and thought how beautiful it was. How I could see for miles right to the mountains across the valley. The little house in the foreground always looks so perfectly rickety and quaint and there is my special tree which has survived all the strong winds which blow up the street and manages to look beautiful as it bends and twirls and the leaves seem to dance. (.Well maybe not dance ,but I couldn’t think how to describe the way they move .)

When I moved back here from my perfect little artist’s house I definitely felt that it was a downgrade. That’s why I painted all the fake windows, the tiles, the view from the shower ,the flowers on the outside wall and much more. I thought that I would make it into the most ” fantastic” house possible. I think I have mostly succeeded. It is very” fantastical. ”

Tonight I had a friend round and she sat in one of my lovely old yellow velvet armchairs, now with new velvet arm cover things….which I forgot to point out. And we talked and talked about all sorts of subjects. She drank mint tea from an old cup and saucer I bought in a charity shop in Scarborough and I drank wine. ( she was driving. ) And it made my house feel more like my home. A place where interesting conversations happen and friends meet.

Maybe I didn’t downgrade after all….it’s just taken me a while to see it.

Today I painted a landscape with trees and poppies from a photo taken on the pink brick road. I am a little bit muddled as to how I want it to look. Am tempted to make it startlingly bright ,but I don’t seem to have the colours to do that. I’m going to look at it again tomorrow.

I delivered a painting to someone in the piazza tonight and tomorrow I should be meeting someone else to deliver another one. Nice!

Now it has been wine time for the last 2 hours. I need to go make something to eat. I’m glad I live here.

Cheers 🍷🍷

View from my door.
View from the pink brick road….to be finished.

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