2021 in Pisticci….Nice day… full of things…

Things, such as when I was editing the first part of my 2020 diary part of it made me cry and other bits I laughed at. ( not because it was so awful… it was better than expected. )

Then I wrapped up my pretty impression of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms and went off up town to deliver it. I had a coffee outside while waiting which was a treat ,and now it looks like I might be painting another Van Gogh flower painting. That is very alright with me. I enjoyed painting this one and I look forward to the next one.

On the way back I bought 4 litres of nice wine and saw the lucky cat asleep on a table in the art shop. I would like to have an ” artist’s cat”.

Back home and I finished my landscape from yesterday using my good brush which I ruined on the shed mural ,but which now is the best brush I have for grass. I am relatively pleased with the result and must remember to look more closely at the photo in future.

After lunch the cheerful postman called to me as he had a parcel for me. It was David Hockney’s book ” Spring cannot be cancelled. “.It is sitting on my table and I keep picking it up , looking at it and smiling. It was a complete extravagance. And I am so happy .

Next I thought I might as well wash my hair so that I didn’t have to do it tomorrow. I managed to wash and dry it in 15mins which felt like quite an achievement.

I therefore had plenty of time to work on my next little painting which I have more or less finished.

Hurray ….it’s the weekend and this week I’ve painted a “Van Gogh” , made 4 small canvases, painted 2 of them and sold 2 paintings.

Weekend wine time now 🍷🍷 cheers.

Another sunny corner in pisticci. Not quite finished.
Fiinished version……probably
My new book.

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