2021 in Pisticci….Saturday dilemmas…..

“Dilemma ” is probably overstating the difficulty, but as it is the weekend I feel it should be different.

So far I make a difference by getting up at 7am instead of 6am. I don’t do yoga or editing.

Then I am stuck . What do I do? If I work all weekend then I get to half way through the week and I am tired and fed up. But I can’t just exist in a vacuum.

I tried reading my new David Hockney book which is just perfect. I am treating it like a big box of expensive chocolates. Not too many all at once. I am still smiling when I see it sitting on the table. It’s something to look forward to as a treat.

After I had enough ” treat” I thought I would maybe make some new big canvases. I have rashly promised to paint flowers like Van Gogh next week and have no canvases ready.

I thought I would make 4 but half way through cutting the first one I decided 2 would do. I eventually made 3 stretchers as I had left over wood and my sawing arm was still working . There must be a better way of doing it than sitting on the floor virtually in a yoga position……however as long as my legs still bend I suppose it will do.

Next I took my book and sat on the doorstep, but after a few minutes it was too hot . I reorganised some flower pots to give myself more space for next time.

It still was only lunch time. I allowed myself 4 visits to ” tiny houses” and was fairly impressed by the van converted into something from Lord of the Rings. It makes me laugh to hear what the presenter comes up with to say about each of them . He has a great vocabulary of superlatives.

After a short lie down with my current kindle unlimited mystery I guilted myself back to work on the third of my small canvases as I couldn’t get out of my head how satisfying it would be to have all four completed by tomorrow night so that I could start being Van Gogh on Monday.

I like things finished. I can’t help it.

To my surprise , and aided by my audio book which is very exciting, I painted till after 6pm and am nearly finished the third painting.

It is well past normal wine time now .I am watching a series of Rebus tonight with what looks like Swedish subtitles on youtube. After the first 5 minutes I don’t notice the writing.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Latest small painting. Nearly finished.
3 stretchers ready to staple canvas on to tomorrow

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