2021 in Pisticci… Sunday jazz..

I’m not sure that I really like jazz. There is something called ‘office jazz ‘playing on YouTube just now as I sit on the doorstep writing this. Maybe it’s my musical default setting. It sort of smoothes the edges of life . It’s not intrusive but adds something.

I have painted along with various artists over the years. I don’t remember a lot of them . Carole King was the first and I liked Melody Gardot for a while, Annie Lennox ( Bare) and for a while poulenc ( not sure I spelled that correctly.)

Sometimes I can look at one of my paintings and remember the music which was playing at the time I painted it.

I remember Christmas 2018 here when I arrived home from a bus trip to Polignano al Mare and there was very loud gloomy atmospheric music coming from near the little church. It was the night of the living nativity and As I looked in the door of little houses nearby accompanied by this music I felt as if I was in an old black and white film .

During lockdown church music is broadcast from the main church up on the hill. It creates quite an atmosphere.

I am wittering on a bit .

I’ve just been to the end of the road as I heard a burning noise. I thought it was a bit early for a fire, but I think it must be someone having a barbecue. After several big fires here I can recognise the sound.

I’ve finished my 4th little painting of Pisticci today. I think the last set of 4 would have been better if I had made the canvases the size I originally intended, but they are okay.

I am looking forward to painting flowers like Van Gogh this week .

After reading some more of my new David Hockney book I am wondering how I can find more energy. There are a lot of things I want to do.

All being well I should get my first vaccine this week.

But for now I need to get another glass of wine and turn up the jazz to drown out the machine making a loud noise in the next street.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Latest small painting.
Sitting here.

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