2021 in Pisticci…2nd vaccine done.

There were lots of signs leading all the way around the hospital. I was given a number almost immediately,  waited for about 30 mins ,had my injection , waited  15 minutes before I was allowed to leave and that was it. I was very lucky that friends gave me a lift there and back. I was very happy about that. Hanging about waiting for buses in 35C is not much fun.

I didn’t  do much today.

I think I have chosen some reference  photos for my next  paintings. And I cut canvas for big new stretchers.

I’m  glad it’s the weekend. I am tired.

  I suppose I have another 2 weeks until I am as immune as I will ever be. It feels a little like a new beginning……or the end of something big.

I just looked out to see if it’s cool yet and there is a lot of smoke in the distance. This is classic fire weather. Everything is dry and there is a wind blowing.

I thought I heard the fire plane earlier.

This weekend assuming I don’t feel bad I might do some nice things so that I can start again with some energy on Monday.

I found this painting on facebook memories . I always liked if ,but never sold it.

It was the corner of a bar I used to go to , but is now closed.

Might be drinking water tonight….

And fire watching….


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