2021 in Pisticci…think I am finally finished with tulips…

Hopefully the tulip painting is finished. I twiddled about with it today and then painted the edges.

Having decided that I would never finish it, there would always be something I could do better, then the best thing was to stop and get my work room back. It has been taking up too much physical and mental space.

It’s really difficult to know when a painting is finished. Especially a commission as I am seeing it through the eyes of the client who is not always interested in whether its a good painting or not. In my opinion I mostly do my best work for myself. I have given this my best effort despite bad back and extra hot weather.

I’m not sounding very positive am I…..

Tonight I’m later than usual as I have been at a children’s art class. I was going to post a photo and then I thought maybe I’d better not as there are children in it. I don’t think anyone here would mind , especially as lots of people were taking photos and some were videoing it. However better not.

It was hot and frankly anyone who works with children has my respect. The children were doing their best despite the heat . To keep them interested for 2 hours seems quite an achievement.

Me and Brutto ( ugly cat) are sitting outside. It is still very hot inside and I am tired.

My paintbrushes arrived today . They look great ,but I’ll see what they are like when I use them. It was a calculated risk buying them online.

Cool ……..

Am very glad it’s wine time……

Cheers 🍷🍷

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