2021 in Pisticci….my poor flowers….

A combination of too much sun and too little weeding has left my garden(collection of pots) looking a bit shabby. Some of the red geraniums have turned orange, bleached by the sun. The pansies are half dead, which means they look fairly bad , but I can’t bring myself to pull them out as I hope maybe they will come away again. I don’t know what happened to my sage. Half the leaves turned yellow. I think ,due to the weeds which are flourishing happily , that I must be watering enough. My gladiola made a brave effort and produced 2 red blooms on Saturday and by Sunday night, the hottest day, they were orange. It has given up now. And I think my basil which is in direct sunlight is tired of nearly dying and coming back to life and has given up the fight.

Because I am still a bit achey I haven’t made much effort at tidying things up.

The oleanders are doing best.

And I have some new shoots coming.

I don’t think it’s been so hot today , but as I have been inside all day I wouldn’t really know.

The tulip painting should be collected tonight. It only needed a little adjustment.

I’ve started my next painting which is supposed to be for an exhibition. It’s 76x76cms and I am hoping it goes well.

I have a lot of plans for this.

Tomorrow’s plan is to sharpen up the drawing so that I can start painting on Friday.

On Friday also I mean to go to the commune and ask about my water bill. Just saying.

August is a strange month. I used to look forward to it so much , and then feel sad when it arrived as when it was over it would be the end of summer.

This year it has been so hot that the end of summer doesn’t seem such a bad thing.

I am looking forward to getting back to painting stuff for myself now. Just sitting here, outside , I can see how I have been drawing the castle wrong for years. That’s the good thing about art. There is always something else to learn.

I’ve decided that I will investigate putting my book on Amazon when I get my new glasses and that my delay in not even looking at it is not total procrastination ,but right now my reading glasses just don’t work with print on my laptop. That’s my best excuse so far.

Now it’s wine time and I am tired, but I did okay today.


Another Facebook memory from about 5 years ago. I like this a lot. ( no one else does )

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