2021 in Pisticci….it’s all in the eyes….

I started my next painting which is  for an exhibition where the title is to paint your dream , like Van Gogh did. Am sure it sounds much better  in Italian.

My dream ( one of them) is to paint portraits of some of the interesting  older people in Pisticci and capture something of their life in their faces. So far I painted one and she didn’t  like it. Said I made her look too old

Think this was painted about 10 years ago.

This time I bought a photo from shutterstock of an older Italian woman whose face ” spoke ” to me.

Yesterday I started drawing and today I painted her eyes and I think I’ve captured the expression I was looking for. I know when I smile back at a portrait that something good is happening .

Now I must not twiddle……

That was very satisfactory.

Yesterday the tulip painting went off to its new home and it’s possible I have another commission for September.

Sort of surreal I think.

I am quite impressed with myself as it was the biggest canvas I have made so far, and I had to add extra stretchers because of where it’s going to hang.

This morning I went to the hardware shop and bought more lengths of wood . Carrying them from the other side of town was today’s workout.

Have been invited to another group exhibition next Wednesday and can take 2 paintings. Any subject I think . That should be fun.

Now it’s wine time and I feel like today I did okay.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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