2021 in Pisticci…didn’t quite make it to the comune….

I had written it in my important diary and I had organised something else to do when I was out so that I would at least leave the house. It was also forecast to be the coolest day in weeks.

All I can say in my pitiful defence is that it was hot, my back ached and I will do it on Monday ……really.

Back home I worked on my new big portrait for most of today. Sometimes with confidence and sometimes with trepidation. I liked it, then I thought it was boring. Off and on all day.

At the end of the day I was a little disappointed.

However I had a look back at the sketch I had made originally and noticed that the background was dark . Rushed through into my workroom and to my surprise a dark background changed everything. I think I will give the artist in the painting a black beret.

Round about that time I opened the door and realised that one of the cats might have been marking its territory and my net curtain was smelling a bit off.

So have removed the smelly curtain and tacked up another one. Don’t know how I can stop it happening again.

I was using it to cover the bins. Luckily it fitted.

I’m glad it is wine time now. Might sit outside later tonight when it’s dark. It is the weekend after all.


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