2021 in Pisticci…me and Brutto….

He came in looking for food and so now both of us are outside.

Nice breeze.

This morning I shared some egg with him again. He seems to like that.

I think he looks a little healthier, though not any prettier.

It’s very pleasant here right now. Along with early morning, the evenings are the best part of the day. It was reasonably hot again today.

Because it was Saturday I went for a walk up the pink brick road this morning. It seemed like a good idea as I was planning on painting all day.

Nice mix of houses.
View from the top of the hill.
Sat here for about 20 minutes just looking.
Said hi, to the little sheep. Its lamb has gone. Maybe it’s been eaten.

I was feeling a bit flat this morning . It’s not been the easiest summer. But once I got painting I was fine.

I have now got about 90% of the painting for another joint exhibition done. I am enjoying it .What a treat it is when I am the client.

Today I painted a beret, sorted the painter, thanks to Google, and painted a hand…not very well. Tomorrow I should finish it.

There are a lot of bells tonight. Maybe there is a mini feste. Usually I only know because I see it on facebook live.

Am glad it’s wine time again.


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