2021 in Pisticci….early start tomorrow..

Because tomorrow we will begin to decorate park benches. Beginning at 6.45am. Thank goodness for the early start. If they are where I think they are….and I am often wrong…..then they are in open South facing terrace. However my sore back and dicky knee are much better so that’s one good thing and as I have been noticing myself getting progressively a little sadder the last few days then company will be just what I need.

I have packed a bag with some plastic trays which used to contain carrots, some of my older brushes which can stand some rough usage and one set of my new paints which are in tubes and therefore easy to use. These things are extra as paint will be provided , but sometimes it’s easier to use my own for details. I look forward to seeing how it will all work out. Luckily it’s not my responsibility.

It is one of these weeks when it’s like all the buses arrive at once.

2 different joint exhibitions /competition and a mural blessing as well as bench painting. And not counting the feste at the end of the week. The international film festival is on as well , but without transport it’s not worth going to as most things happen after the last bus at 9pm.

Today after sharing breakfast with Brutto, I went shopping and carried some heavy stuff back in my big rucksack with no noticeable ill effects. I also met my friend the builder and asked him to check a crack in my wall just incase it’s a problem.

And most of today I spent working on my portrait for next week’s exhibition. My intention was to capture the expression in the old lady’s eyes which was why I was in no doubt that she was who I wanted to paint. And I think I have done it. Unlike a lot of portrait commissions I do I have not blended this one . I used mostly bigger brushes and maybe no one here will like it. It’s not smooth and tidy, but I like it very much. And I like how I have painted the artist quite differently. Now all that’s left is to paint the sides as I don’t have a frame.

Am sitting outside writing tonight enjoying the breeze. There are extreme heat warnings for later in the week.

But at this minute it is just perfect.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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