2021 in Pisticci… the pretty white top and red hair dye….

Add temperatures in the high 30s , air-conditioning and wearing a mask. It was a recipe for a minor disaster ..or a very clever excuse to get out of work.

I hardly ever wear white , but I was tempted by a slightly hippy type cheesecloth and crocheted top which I spotted at the market at my favourite price – €3. I assume it was that price as it was a slightly weird shape. I fixed that by a couple of strategically  placed stitches.

Today was its  first outing and with my blue and black patterned baggy, bejewelled trousers I thought I looked pretty good. I was to deliver my painting to the place in town where  the  competition/ exhibition is being held  .

When I arrived I saw that as we were inside the comune then we would be wearing masks  . It was very hot despite there being air-conditioning and the plan was to get all the paintings numbered and set up .

  There was no particular  hurry and we were  sitting down waiting for more easels to arrive when I suddenly noticed a drop of red “water” falling onto my arm. Immediately I looked up to see if there was a body hanging from the ceiling dripping blood, ( too many American cop shows .) No body.

It was a puzzle .

Several minutes later I looked down at my nice white top which now had several pink spots down the front  ……. oh dear me!!! At this point I realised that as my hair was quite wet, due to the aircon and my temporary hairdye which washes out didn’t know the difference between washing water and sweat and was only doing what it was supposed to be doing….leaving my hair!

It was probably a very unusual  excuse for getting out of a job , but what else could I do. No way was I going to walk home with a pink blotchy top…..who knows how much worse it might have become if I had waited. It was not going to get any cooler. I could have had red streaks down my face.

Outside it was okay as it was only hot.

I’ve soaked it in coldish water ( tap water in summer is lukewarm or hotter.) and it looks fine.

This afternoon  I dyed my hair with a permanent  dye so it should stay put  ….though I am going to wear a reddish top when I go out  to be on the safe side.

Apart from  that, today started at 7am at the bench painting piazzetta.It is not only benches which are being decorated but also flower containers and even the fountain.  My  contribution  was 5 butterflies , a Robin and a little insect called a libellule. What a wonderful name . It is pronounced ” leebelloolly” . Cute!

Not benches …but being painted anyways.

Now I am more or less prepared to go out tonight for the first night of the ” concorso” . On my way I plan to buy a fan …or 2 . My last one broke.

But first I have to find a container for a bag of apricots delivered from above in a plastic bag on the end of a piece of string.

Could be a fun evening……

Cheers 🍷🍷

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