2021 in Pisticci…everyone is saying this is too hot…..

But then it’s only when you need to do things , have no aircondioning , transport and a few other little problems .

I fondly imagine that with aircondioning it’s possible to be cool, with transport you can go to the beach and keep cool in the sea as well as drive up to a shopping centre , go in and buy lots of shopping which you then put in your car and drive home again. I could go on…..and on.

It doesn’t help though . All these 5 am awakenings, plus the heat and the remaining problems with my back and now late nights after the exhibitions are making me tired and a bit grumpy.

My house has become so hot now that it is difficult to cool down At the beginning of the summer I could turn the fan on and it made a difference. Now it barely makes an impact.

Moan , moan!!!

However on Tuesday or Wednesday the temperature should drop to about 32c and stay there. So I only need to survive a few more days.

Today’s bench painting was cut short as the remaining benches are in direct sunlight by around 8am . Or earlier

My plan is to forgo breakfast tomorrow and get there around 6am . I have some wild boars to paint. On the way home it should be possible to pick up some shopping . I would have gone to the supermarket tonight about 5pm , but it’s now after 6pm and it’s still too hot outside. I need to be at the concorso at 7pm.

It was always like this in August except for the extreme heat this year. There were so many events happening and so many late nights.( this time it’s more the early mornings.)

But on the plus side…..because there is one…I am loving the extra company, working collaboratively, the early morning walks and the late night meals out side with Brutto. It’s fun to walk home and feel part of the holiday spirit. There was a small, ( 5 person) brass band going round the centre this morning and then I met some Italian Bikers who were on a guided tour round my part of town It was nice to feel I actually lived here in this historic area. I am getting lots of practice speaking Italian , have definitely got a new fun commission and my hair didn’t leak red dye today.

Now I need to get dressed up and head into town where there are lots of people. I’ll put my mask on if there are too many and use my fan to keep cool.

Whatever else , life is not boring.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Might improve this tomorrow if I have time before the sun hits it

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