2021 in Pisticci…  .the prize giving   ….

I forgot that I hadn’t put my competition  painting  on my blog , but that was because it was a public vote and all the artists were anonymous.

I meant to show how I  thought of the idea and then made it happen. The theme was to paint your dream and I have always wanted to paint portraits that were a bit alive. Here was my chance.  No one to please but myself.

These are the relevant pages in my summer diary.

It’s 76×76 cms and I haven’t  painted a face as big before 

It has been a very long day. I was going to paint wild boars on a park bench and this particular bench had no shade . So I volunteered to start at 5.45am .

I had a lovely walk there….in the dark   I met several  young people who were just going home  . By the time I got to the piazza it was not quite light, but there was a street light nearby. I felt like a bit of a twit as I had only thought “Cool!” The lack of light never crossed my mind. It was fine though and it was actually quite fun when I wasn’t having to deal with the heat By 7am it was beginning to get hot.

I was very pleased with my work. The big boar looks quite evil if you zoom in

What a funny CV I could have if I added all the surfaces I have painted on.

Now I need to get ready to go out. As well as the prize giving there is also the mural blessing .I have to collect a tee shirt so that we look like a team of artists It should be fun.

But first I might have a small glass of wine. It has been a long , very hot and very busy week.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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