2021 in Pisticci….catching up

It has been a very full week and today it was still very hot. My poor little house is now so hot that I am seriously considering air conditioning next year. Most of today I have hung out in the gallery side of my house which is partly underground and has 2 floors above it . The other part which has its own roof was only bearable for an hour at a time. Its 32C and that is just too hot.

On the plus side I was needing a rest after my busy week, though having a lie in was rather spoiled by the very loud fireworks at 6am.

And there are only 2 more days of high temperatures to go before they drop to under 35C.. I am trying to make the most of the heat so that I don’t wake up in 2 weeks and feel that I didn’t really enjoy the weather this summer.

( I didn’t! But along with a sore back and too many tulips…..then it was a difficult time.)

I’ve just realised that I was slouching on my armchair, got up and not a wince. Oh hurray…..I missed slouching so much. It was like never being able to relax.

I read a murder/romance today by an author who I’ve previously read when she wrote straightforward murders. Yuck!! I don’t like romance. Am not sure that it’s a good thing, but I find it much more believable that people would murder each other than that they would ” find themselves drawn to each other as if by some strange force of nature.” At least the murder mystery part was okay.

I found some lasagne in the freezer and as it was the feste ate that for lunch.

Had a nice long message conversation on my phone with a friend from France. That was the highlight of my day.

Unless I count watching the short covid version of the feste procession on facebook in real time and rushing outside to see it from my doorstep. Everyone in the video looked hot. There was no way I would have gone out to see it.

I am thinking of going out to photograph the lights later on , but I know what I am like and may find some excuse not to bother.

This was 9 years ago. Spectacular!!

For now , I can hear the church bells ringing which probably means that the saints are leaving the church before beginning the second short version of the journey round Pisticci.

Time for a glass of wine .


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