2021 in Pisticci….grey clouds again…..

But no rain forecast.

Cooler ….a bit.

More worrying is that I can definitely smell smoke and it’s too early for barbecues.

However not much I can do about either.

I had thought that with the temperatures falling I would feel renewed and full of energy. Huh!!

It is very nice in the early mornings and I had a lovely walk over to the bench painting piazza.

I think I am lucky just because I seem to be quite good at painting animals quickly , then I have the easiest job. I am impressed with the results so far. I’ve never painted a hedgehog or a pheasant before. Don’t think that it will be my new career though.

Tomorrow I need to make a serious effort to cool my work room down….and recover some confidence so that I can get on with my new commission.

There were about 60 new cases of the virus today in Basilicata. None in Pisticci. In one town where there are 9 new cases today then the mayor has made wearing masks outside mandatory.

My grandchildren went back to school today, unvaccinated, un masked, un distanced ( I think ) and probably in an un ventilated space. Am not sure that crossing my fingers will make a big difference.

There was something on twitter today about 4 children who are now orphans as their unvaccinated parents both died of covid.

What can be done?

Better go water the flowers then……

And I need to buy more wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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