2021 in Pisticci…. being ill is no fun.

Even for one night . However this time instead of my usual reaction, which is drink lots of water and pretend it’s not happening, followed by  try a natural remedy and after that when  having given it a week and it’s not better then finally get an antibiotic from doctor. Sorted. 

This time I went straight to step 3 as I had a left over, one dose sachet from the last time. I appear to be fine now.

After a relatively sleepless night I spent the day working on my next commission. An hour painting and then an hour lying on  bed  reading the book about the taliban. It’s not really about the taliban but they feature in it.

Now someone wants to see my work in progress.  Sometimes it’s a good idea, mostly not.

After saying yesterday about the lack of precautions in schools…I read that in Scotland masks are still being used in secondary schools and also schools are to get some sort of machines which check the air…I didn’t quite understand what they do. But it’s  something.

Am sitting outside tonight writing as it’s  very pleasant.

If I wasn’t  tired and needing to get up early for bench painting tomorrow I might have strolled up to the big church and checked out the Sputnik festival. I ‘m not really sure what it is about, but it involves cartoons 

There is a lot going on tonight. Someone is washing their tractor.I can hear sheep nearby. A small lorry has just scraped round the corner after several attempts , the donkey is braying loudly as usual and now there is loud music coming from the festival up at the church. Practice I think.

And my client has arrived by scooter . Now I will make a few alterations to the painting, but nothing too drastic.

Finally,  that’s  me finished for today.  I can relax after  setting the alarm for 5.30am tomorrow.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

What a racket coming from the church. Is going to be a loud evening. No need to go up as I will be able to hear at a reasonable volume from my doorstep. It sounds er …progressive.

Standing on a chair outside my house. View of the church.

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