2021 in Pisticci…new career as bench painter?

Probably not ,as I don’t  imagine there is a great market for that particular skill . And I am admittedly painting mostly animals on benches , but maybe I would need to undercoat and fill holes and sand etc . I said today to the other members of the group that I was lucky and had the best job as I just sat on the ground and painted the animals. They are collectively gloss painting, undercoating,  filling , painting hills and clouds and flowers. That is much harder work. To be fair , as my dicky knee is still a problem then sitting still , legs straight out under the bench suits me very well.

I discovered today that there are more benches further up the street which, when I was off ill yesterday, the others undercoated and prepared for painting.

This looks like a longer project than I anticipated. But I am so enjoying the early  mornings and being part of a team.

Small break in writing there as some potential clients arrived as I was sitting outside . If I understood  correctly one person had been given a painting by me for their birthday. Spent a pleasant 10 mins inside, with masks, discussing possible commissions.

What a lovely job I have.

After painting pheasants, a hare and the fastest dog I have ever painted I came home and carried on with a commission which includes coffee beans.

Two of the team doing the hard work.

My coffee beans looked more like peanuts ,but I didn’t  know what was wrong until I googled them . The reference photo I have is not so clear.

Slightly improved coffee beans.

All the animals I’ve painted on the benches have been googled and then I paint from the photo on my phone. It works really well , though my phone cover is a little paint stained.

A new pack of 30x40cms canvas boards arrived today. I feel as if I am stock piling for winter ..even though I could probably buy painting stuff any time. Now I only buy in Italy.

I was thinking of going uptown and then to the supermarket, but don’t know if I can be bothered. Am not sure if the sputnik festival is on tonight. No loud music so far. I am rubbish at going out in the evenings.

Might have a glass of wine and think about it . …..

Cheers 🍷🍷

Today’s animals

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