2021 in Pisticci….waiting….

Could get very existentialist after a title like this. It is Sunday after all.

But am actually waiting for a client to arrive and possibly take my latest commission  away. I could really do with a better attitude, or maybe all artists feel anxious when they are trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations .

Am now taking a break from making fairly big adjustments  to latest commission.

It needs to be finished by tomorrow morning and frankly if I don’t  do it tonight I won’t  sleep.

2 hours later and I am still not finished. Or at least I could be , but am not happy with one part.

I can tell myself that most of the changes are nothing to do with me ,but are like when a carpenter is building a kitchen to a plan and the client says could you make that door a different colour and I’d like three drawers there instead of two.

To be fair my coffee beans did look more like peanuts…..

Now am outside again, waiting for food to cook while Brutto is eating. I think he is getting better looking, but that might just be my imagination.

Most of today, after I  thought I had finished the commission,  I worked on a portrait.  It would appear to be coming along quite well ,but who knows.

Tomorrow I think I am painting ducks on benches. That sounds like fun.

Oh dear where is that white cat going in a very determined manner?

Cheers 🍷🍷

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