2021 in Pisticci….a duck, a cockerel ,some coffee beans and an old man

It makes me happy to have such a lot of variety in my life.

I inadvertently didn’t set my alarm for 5am this morning so there wasn’t time to paint coffee beans before I went bench painting.

I really enjoy the walk to the other side of town to the little piazza with the benches. Pisticci is different early on. The Baker is making foccacia in a giant machine, the bars are open and a few people are about on their way to work. I feel like one of them.

Today I painted a duck which was okay and a cockerel which was magnificent. It was a joy to paint all the different colours. There is no time to be fussy and I am not exactly sure how I do it. I check the rough shape and work out how to get the most important parts on the bench . From a distance the gaps aren’t seen . It’s probably better I don’t overthink how it’s done or I might spook myself. Every one is an adventure.

The magnificent cockerel. Its head is actually quite good.
The duck was okay….

It is lovely to get a lift back after we are finished. It is still too hot to work by 9.30am.

Once I got back I got to work on the coffee beans. I had made all the other changes last night , but I still wasn’t happy with the beans. I finished 10 mins before it was due to be picked up.

Final version of coffee beans.

Lots of horns beeping. Wonder what is happening………

The painting, 70x50cms went off on a scooter. I didn’t look!

After lunch I did some more work on the portrait ,but it will take another day to finish. It looks okay so far. I need to decide if I want to rejuvenate this person.

My friend is off to England tomorrow and I am so excited for her. Like me , she hasn’t seen family for more than a year. And like me the thought of a maskless , reckless England is a frightening prospect after the relative security in Italy.

After doing my small bit yoga for back and knee, and 60 core exercises. (There was a survey saying that people were more likely to continue exercising regularly if they had smaller things to do. I could have told them that.)

Am now sitting outside enjoying the breeze and feeling satisfied with the day.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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