2021 in Pisticci….feeling like an old lady……

Am hoping that whatever is wrong with my knee and my back would just hurry up and get better. It might be that bench painting is not helping , but I am being careful…it might be the heat…. or it might just be getting better 2 steps forward and one back and this is a back day.

It is not getting worse. I did hurt my knee once before and it took a month or two to recover. What is worrying me , in a pessimistic fashion is that as this time I have no idea what I did to hurt them that this is old age and it will just get worse and worse.

I have been so used to ” galloping about in a careless fashion” that now I am having to carefully sit down and get up it feels awful.

Better stop moaning now.

So started today bench painting at 7am after a lovely walk through Pisticci.

Today I painted a hen, 2 butterflies, and a bunch of peppers , as well as fixing a duck’s eye and the fox’s eye.

The peppers are on a bench in the next little piazza up the street. That is the 9th bench. And there are more.

The remainder of the day I spent working on the latest portrait. It’s still not finished.

I took a walk to the supermarket around 4pm which must mean it is cooler as last week there was no way I would have gone anywhere at that time.

And now I think I need a plan for the autumn. I read that in Basilicata they expect to have 80% of people over 12 vaccinated by the end of September. That sounds like a good thing.

Am tired today.

Wine time, and tomorrow is another day. 🍷🍷 Cheers.

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