2021 in Pisticci …one and a half donkeys…..

That was this morning’s work on a bench in the next piazza. It was quite difficult to draw and my back and knee hurt while my nose ran like a tap. Other than that it went well.

Am surprised that it appears to have some character despite everything.
This is how it’s done. Phone fits nicely on bench and plastic carrot box recycled as palette.

Since I came home I’ve put a stretchy bandage on my knee and it feels safer.

Brutto is keeping me company inside tonight.

This afternoon there was a thunderstorm and quite a lot of rain.

Enough rain to make a little river down the road.

I can only think that it was the consequent coolness that inspired me to clean. ( my version of cleaning….might not be very high standard ,but pleases me.)

And my portrait is finished.

Did my bit yoga, core and knee exercises.

Didn’t need to water plants.

Got red peppers from Teresa today so plan to have pepper, carrot and potato chips tonight.

Wine time. Satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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