2021 in Pisticci…is the little white cat actually living in my house?

That is the second time I have found it strolling about or lying on my bed when I had no idea it was inside. Right now it’s upstairs asleep cuddled up to Ted on my mattress in the attic. It may have been there all day as I don’t go upstairs very often.

Making itself at home
Ted’s new friend.

As it sees my cat board as something to be climbed over and I don’t want to keep the door shut am not sure what I will do next. Wait and see, I suppose.

It was another 7am start at bench painting . Today I painted a lot of little white houses and fixed a couple of hens , before moving onto the next bench where I painted a cat.

I prefer painting animals

Since I returned home I did a little gardening…..mostly involving throwing weeds into a big black bin bag which can be collected by the bin men on Wednesday if I am lucky.

I also spent some time framing my latest portrait. I think it looks good.

I am happy to report that my daughter came 2nd in the bodybuilding competition which , as it was her first ever , she was rightly extremely pleased about.

She says, if there is a next time she will be a little more subtle with the eye make up.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit envious of people with plans, but since then I have been out for a drink at the new bar in Pisticci with some lovely French clients who feel like friends, and am invited out for lunch by Swedish friends tomorrow. Not counting an art event in the evening. I may not go very far but I am getting the most out of staying put.

After waking at 5am this morning am glad it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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