2021 in Pisticci..cats and wine and portraits and stuff.

The day began as usual with me sitting outside eating eggs and mayonnaise which I now feel obliged to have every day as Brutto likes it so much. He comes inside and sits there waiting while I mix it all up and gives the odd squeak if I’m not quick enough. Then we go outside together and I eat while throwing him bits of egg white. He doesn’t like it without mayonnaise . I tried without, but he just looked puzzled and ignored it.

This morning the little white cat appeared quite soon afterwards and I noticed that she had a lump of something that looked like dog poo on her side. She jumped up on the table and wanted stroked.

She is very determined.

Eventually I went inside where she followed me by climbing up and jumping over my cat board …..which keeps out all other cats.

I had to shut the door.

It’s been a lovely sunny day. About 27C in the corso margherita this morning around 10am when I walked up town and bought wine and paracetamols. These 2 items are not related. I just like to have a reasonable supply of both for emergencies.

After lunch I did another small practice portrait. ( about 12x20cms). My new seat definitely helps.

It’s pretty , but I can see the need for a lot of practice.

There were nearly 80 new cases of the virus today. 3 in Pisticci. But the vaccinations are still going well.

There is talk of Amazon coming to Basilicata, but who knows. Also there are 142 nursing posts advertised in the area and 5000 people have applied.

Am sitting outside tonight as its very pleasant. I took a photo of the street this morning and with all our flowers it looks lovely.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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