2021 in Pisticci….even busier Sunday….

Am enjoying sleeping in the attic again.

After breakfast with Brutto and a trip to the supermarket I thought I’d better sort out my winter and summer clothes .

Relatively organised.

Now, or at least today, I know where everything is. I have an awful lot of clothes. ( though only a quarter of what James had😅) In the past I have given away or thrown out some , but not now.

Having more means that every year I can wear something different. I only ever wear about 3 sets of clothes so by the time I have worn everything I have then I can go back to the first set which will feel new. ( possibly?)

My winter thick jumpers are maybe going to be recycled into a rag rug though, as they are not fit to wear. Even at home.

Nice colours to make a small rug.

It took ages as I had to use my ladder to climb up and get all the baskets and suitcases down before I began.

However I managed to make 2 trays of lasagne at the same time. Now I have 11 portions of it in the freezer. I like lasagne a lot.

Somehow swapping winter and summer clothes involved duvets and changing bed covers and on and on.

But thanks to my obssessive watching of tiny house videos all my drawers are filled with rolled up trousers, jumpers and tee shirts. It means I can actually see what’s in them. Feeling so pleased with myself. It may not last.

I thought that I had better do something arty as well and after chasing the little white cat out who had climbed over my cat board, I did a quick ” loose ” painting of the sea from yesterday. There are heavy rubber tracks to help people drive to the sea to launch their boats.

Could do better.

After a look outside I decided it was pretty, but too cold to sit outside. And besides now that I can slouch again my armchair is much more inviting than a hard plastic seat.

Looks pretty .

Now I am hoping to watch nicki positano on youtube.

Accompanied by a glass of my favourite wine which I’ve discovered is cheaper than my 2nd favourite.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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