2021 in Pisticci…when getting a bill makes me happy…

Today my TARI bill arrived. That is the bill I pay for my rubbish to be collected in an intermittent  fashion. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

However now I won’t have to go to the comune and feel like an idiot as I ask in bad Italian  ” do I have a bill to pay?” 

I was beginning to think that I probably should check out if I owed anything yet. My water bill is still not paid, but then it has not arrived and last I heard was that it would maybe arrive in December.

My TARI bill was for €89 for the year . That doesn’t seem so bad. As I only own one house now ,then I don’t  think I pay IMU ( unless the law has changed again) 

I can pay it over 3 months up to December.


Today I’ve  been trying to write titles on the photos which are in my  book. I would like to put it on Amazon ,but I need to fix the photos first. And then find out how to do it. Being unable to add titles to photos is not making me feel very confident. 

However I am enjoying ” personalising ” several copies for friends  by handwriting titles.

The weather has been damp.and not very cheerful.


I’m thinking of painting the different  light effects  in the valley for something to do this week. It would be good to do it from life , but that’s unlikely to happen.

I fiddled around with yesterday’s painting . I don’t know what else to do.

Am not sure that I would ever be able to achieve what is in my head. But then that is what keeps me going.

On to the next one tomorrow I think.

Winetime now.


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