2021 in Pisticci….the absence of scarediness…..

Today I thought I would try out my new idea to investigate life with less scarediness. None at all would be unrealistic.

So ignoring the slightly sick feeling that seems to happen every time I plan to go out I set off to go to the bank to get my new card activated. ( whatever that means )

It was a lovely morning and I think due to my determination not to worry I enjoyed the walk up town and even popped in to see a friend and now it looks like I could have lots of events to take part in next month. She even offered to help with my visit to the bank , but I thought I would try by myself first. It was nice to have back up.

When I got into the bank it was almost empty. ( and I hadn’t got stuck in the security cubicle. Neither had the camera spoken to me.)

It took about 20 minutes during which every time I thought there was going to be a problem , I consciously relaxed. And despite several unexpected things I now have a banking app on my phone and my card activated. More importantly, the nice man in the bank was friendly and helpful.

Next I confidently marched into the butchers and bought the last 5 litres of my favourite wine without worrying that he would think that I was drinking too much.

I can manage to worry about almost anything.

Then on the way home someone stopped me and we had a long conversation about Scotland and life in general and I got most of what she said. Often I don’t chat as I think/worry that I won’t understand .

Smiled all the rest of the way home.

Must try that again

I think my latest portrait of a man in uniform is finished now. It has been painted along with an audiobook featuring Agatha Raisin, read by Penelope Keith. Enjoyed it.

The previous client very kindly messaged me to say that her friend ( the fisherman )loved his portrait. I really appreciated that.

And tomorrow I plan to post the portrait I did before that featuring 3 children.

Am glad it’s the weekend. Most of the things I planned for this week are done.

More Frost on youtube tonight I hope and now I won’t run out of my favourite wine.



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